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Photonic crystal fibers

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  • Dispersion optimization with a ZDW in the range 800 nm-1100 nm (TBD)
  • Low loss
  • Length up to 1000 m
  • Pure or Ge-doped silica core
  • Spatially singlemode from UV to NIR
  • Highly nonlinear
  • All fibers in stock - fast delivery
  • Connectorization (FC, ST, SC) and tubing


  • Supercontinuum generation
  • Pigtailing
  • Frequency comb generation


Core diameterCladding diameterCoating diameterMode field diameter*
4.75 µm125 µm240 µm4.5 µm
+/- 0.1 µm+/- 5 µm+/- 10 µm+/- 0.1 µm

* Measured @ 1060 nm

Other core diameters and air filling fractions in stock. Send us your request.

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